Kuo: Apple will release two new AirPods models, one will be pricier and have an all new design

A short while after the first reports by DigiTimes of new AirPods again this year, Ming-Chi Kuo is out with a new report. He says Apple is going to release two new AirPods models between Q4 2019 and Q1 in 2020.

One of these AirPods models will be almost identical to the current 2nd-Generation AirPods with only small upgrades. However, the other model will receive an all-new design and it will also have a higher price.

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According to Kuo the ”cheaper” model will cost the same as current AirPods, although he didn’t specify which ones he is referring to. So it will either cost $159 (current price with Charging Case) or $199 (current price with Wireless Charging Case).

Kuo also expects 52 million AirPods units to ship in 2019 and 75 million in 2020.

Image Credit: Apple

Dylan Posselt
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