Apple has begun selling select versions and models of the Apple Watch Series 4 in their Refurbished Store, as of today. This is the first time the company has done this for the Series 4. 

The Apple Watch Series 4 can be found in 40mm and 44mm sizes, with a savings of up to $110. However, most of the Apple Watch Series 4 models found have a discount of $60 off and a couple of them being $80-90 off the regular price. 

These can only be found through Apple’s Refurbished Store website. They also include both the cellular + CPS and non-cellular models too. There are also some Apple Watch Nike+ models in there as well. 

The Apple Watch Series 4, along with every other type of refurbished Apple Watch that Apple sells, can only be purchased through their Refurbished Store website. For those looking to find refurbished models in stores and possibly for a better discounted price, we recommend going to Best Buy for that. 

If you do decide to order one, you will get your typical one-year manufacturer warranty with a 14-day return policy, but still get the option to purchase AppleCare on this too. If you’re the person that is tough on their Apple Watch or Apple products in general, we recommend you get AppleCare on it.