Netgear Orbi RBR20 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Review: Is it Okay?


I recently bought a mesh Wi-Fi router called Orbi by Netgear at a nearby tech store, got it for 188 pound sterling (243 USD for American readers), it’s price is okay but let’s look at the features and coverage before we say it’s okay or not.

The Netgear Orbi RBR20 has won a couple design awards, including the RedDot design award, which I pretty agree with. Compared with other traditional routers, this router is mesh and that means it has a satellite. I put it in the sitting room and on my desk and it provides a great Wi-Fi signal. I am very impressed that even the satellite has Ethernet ports as well (I don’t need the USB ports, please note that the satellite does not have a USB port, like unlike the router).

I set up the router with the official Orbi app by Netgear, and it was quite quick to set up. I am very impressed with the app’s interface once I set it up, however I think they could pull some of the web console’s features to the mobile app.

I logged onto the web console next, and actually saw you could enable Circle by Disney on it, without the app. The app forces you to download the app if you want to enable parental controls. But I still think Screen Time on iOS 12 is quite enough to manage a child’s device already.

Looking further into the design, it’s quite good, however it’s hard to get it  not visible for guests. My mother saw the router and thought it was a air purifier. I think the Google WiFi’s small design should be implemented into the Orbi router, however with wider coverage.

So concluding the above analysis, I give this router a solid 4 out of 5.