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Apple Pay Transit may expand to new card types

According to a new report from Tap Down Under, iOS 12.3 code suggests that Apple Pay Transit may expand to new card types. The code suggests, that Apple Pay users will soon be able to use EMV cards with Apple Pay Express Transit, which consist of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. This would mean that you could set a default transport card from your existing Apple Pay cards and be able to use that card with Apple Pay Express Transit.

New strings discovered within the pass.json files of Apple Pay card files make mention of new ‘Transit Network Identifiers’ options, as well as new passUpgrades/open loop options – which would provide an equivalent solution for Apple Pay customers.

You’d be able to set your preferred EMV card (again, Visa, Mastercard or American Express) to use for ‘Express Transit’ – no need to authenticate, just tap your iPhone or Watch at an Opal reader.

If you are unfamiliar what this is, Express Transit with Apple Pay is a service to pay for transit services. In Beijing, you can use your transit card to pay for metro and buses. In Shanghai, you can use your transit card to pay for metro, buses, ferries, and maglev. (via Apple Support)

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