Select models of the 12-inch MacBook have gotten some big discounts today from the Best Buy Deal of the Day, as well as the MacBook Pro.

Today’s deal will enable consumers to get the 12-inch MacBook at up to $400 off the regular price, with the cheapest MacBook being $899.

On top of that, we see that the MacBook Pro is getting some great discounts too. The sale for the MacBook Pro, again, is for select models, with the cheapest one being $1,049.99.

This is a great time to buy if you are a student graduating high school or college and are looking for a new laptop, or if you are a parent that is looking to buy their kid a sweet graduation gift.

Both of these can be purchased at Best Buy in their retail stores, website or app. When ordering online, you will be able to get free shipping on your order.

Make sure that when you do place your order, whether it is in the store or online, that you attach your My Best Buy rewards if you have an account because you will be able to get some great points from that purchase. Best Buy’s retail stores and iOS app accept Apple Pay too.