Opinion: Which Streaming Service Should Get ‘The Big Bang Theory?’

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Appleosophy | Opinion: Which Streaming Service Should Get 'The Big Bang Theory?'
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With The Big Bang Theory capping off its series finale Thursday night, a lot of people are probably wondering when or if the series will become available on a popular streaming service anytime soon?

For those who do not know, the only way to stream The Big Bang Theory right now is to watch season 12 on CBS All Access and older seasons on the TBS app and their on-demand on live TV streaming services.

If there were to be a streaming service to pick it up, a lot of people would probably want Netflix to get it, considering that it is the most popular of the streaming services out there.

The only way I see Netflix getting The Big Bang Theory is if they get rid of Friends in 2020. Both shows would cost Netflix a fortune. However, this is not to say that it would not be a great idea for them to spend the money to harvest both shows on their platform, which would also mean even more subscribers for them.

Another issue with the idea of Netflix getting the series is that they are more focused on doing their own original content, such as Orange is the New Black, 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things. Netflix has only shown to pick up shows from other networks like Designated Survivor and Lucifer since they are not as expensive and means more original content for them.

So what about Hulu?

This would be a great way for the service to get more subscribers and compete with Netflix. They made a similar move in 2015 when they acquired the streaming rights to one of NBC’s most popular comedies, Seinfeld.

Nothing would be better than Hulu getting The Big Bang Theory and adding it to their already big and great catalog with shows like How I Met Your Mother (another old CBS show that is owned by 20th Century FOX), Last Man Standing (the second oldest sitcom/comedy series on network TV), along with other shows like MASH and Cheers.

Would Prime Video consider getting it?

Believe it or not, I would not be surprised if they did. Amazon is likely looking into how to get more Amazon Prime subscribers (which includes Prime Video) and increasing their subscriber count. Getting a show like The Big Bang Theory would be a great opportunity in doing that.

Where do I think the series is going to end up?

I think that it will either end up on Prime Video or stay on CBS All Access. The only difference for CBS All Access is that it will have the entire series of the show and not just season 12. Netflix won’t pick it up because of their commitment to original programming and Hulu will not because the series could too expensive for them, as well as the fact that they too are creating more original programming for 2020 too.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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Seán Walker
Seán Walker
4 years ago

Netflix already has in the UK.

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