The United Kingdom-based debit card now finally has support for Apple Pay. Revolut previously said that they had planned on adding Apple Pay support to their debit cards in early 2019, but it seems as though support for Apple Pay has come, as of today.

Revolut cards are pre-paid debit cards and focus primarily on currency exchange, cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer payments. There are currently no fees for using the majority of its services, but charge an interest rate from 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent on weekends.

The company’s cards do also have NFC sensors inside them so that users can use tap and contactless forms of payments at the register without an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Here are a couple of tweets about the reaction of Revolut cards now having Apple Pay support.


The translation of the second tweet says the following:

At last! Revolut before the promised date activated Apple Pay UK! Other countries (more as the original presentation showed) will be activated soon! Currently, I cannot reveal either the dates or the entire list.

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