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Reminder: 2015’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie Now Available on HBO NOW and HBO Go

The 2015 Steve Jobs movie that stars Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs and was written by the writer of The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin, is now available on HBO NOW and HBO Go.

Michael Fassbender did receive an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role in the film. Kate Winslet, who played Joanna Hoffman as Jobs’s marketing chief, also received a nominee for Best Supporting Actress.

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For those who want to watch the movie through HBO NOW without paying for it will have the best of luck when signing up for a free trial of the service through Apple TV Channels. Through that, the free trial will last a week and then you will have to pay $15 a month for it if you do not cancel it before the free trial ends.

The cool thing about Apple TV Channels too is that with HBO NOW content, you can download it and make it available offline. It’s convenient for those who are going to be on an airplane without WiFi or in the car on a road trip.

To see the trailer for Steve Jobs, watch the video below.

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