The Apple Card‘s arrival is inching closer. Apple’s been fairly quiet about the credit card since it was announced in March, but a new report says the company is expanding its beta testing ahead of the planned summer release.

According to Bloomberg, the Card seems fully functional, with features like daily cash back, bill pay and technical support through Messages all operational. Testers can also see the order status of the physical card, the report notes.

All of us know how the card looks from the promotional pictures by Apple. iMore shares more real life pictures of the card that is being used by an employee.

The Apple Card won’t use a traditional card number, instead generating virtual card numbers and confirmation codes for purchases, which can be obtained from the Wallet app on the iPhone. The card is minimal with an Apple logo, a chip, and a name (hidden in above pictures for privacy) on the front. There’s no card number or expiration date included, nor is there a CVV on the back. The back of the Apple Card is just as empty and simple as the front, featuring embossed Goldman Sachs and Mastercard logos, along with a magstripe at the back. The card seems to weigh about 14.75 grams.

The Card comes to you in a plain white sleeve with the Apple Logo on the front. The inside of the sleeve is colorful with each color representing the different purchase categories that will be listed in the Wallet app under the same color.

Apple is planning to launch the Apple Card in the summer.