Michael Jackson Songs to Listen to on Apple Music on the 10th Anniversary of His Death

Today is the 10th anniversary of the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Jackson was always best known for his innovative music and dance moves, hence how he got the “King of Pop” name.

With that said, we would like to pay tribute to him today by giving our readers here our top 10 favorite songs by him and for you to listen to today.

  • Thriller: Everyone should know this one by now. It is one of the most historic pop songs in history and spent 37 straight weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 40 chart.
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  • Billie Jean: This is a song that is another iconic Michael Jackson song. It is also the first song that he did the moonwalk on.


  • Beat It: Although the song has been covered many times, it will never beat this original by Michael Jackson.


  • Man in the Mirror: Personally, this is not one of my favorites by him, but the song does have a good message to it and has been a classic on the radio for decades.


  • Bad: When I first heard this one, I’ll admit that I had a tough time understanding the lyrics. Moving forward all of these years later, anytime it comes up on my Apple Music, I turn the volume up!


  • Smooth Criminal: Some people think that the version by the Alien Ant Farm is better, but like I said with “Beat It,” nothing can beat Jackson’s original.


  • You Rock My World: This one might be my favorite Michael Jackson song of them all because it is a song that not a lot of people know that well, despite the fact that it was a number one song at one point. The music video for it is pretty cool too.


  • Dirty Diana: Another great and truly underrated Michael Jackson song. The Weekend can try to cover it and sound like him too, but MJ’s will always be the best!


  • Blood on the Dancefloor: Once again, this is another underrated song by Jackson. It just has a really groovy vibe to it.


  • Remember the Time: Do you remember when Michael was alive? I sure do! Granted, I was around during the later years of his life, but I would have definitely liked to see how that “This Is It” tour would have gone if he did not pass away unexpectedly.


All of the songs mentioned here can be streamed on Apple Music, as well as other music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. Rest in peace…

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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