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Sling TV Offering 7 Added Extras + Cloud DVR for Only $20 a Month

Sling TV announced this morning that they are allowing users to add seven Extras to their plan with Cloud DVR, which will add on only $20 extra to their monthly bill.

This means that users can add Extras like the Lifestyle Extra, Sports Extra, Kids Extra, News Extra, Heartland Extra, Hollywood Extra and Comedy Extra and only have to pay an additional $20 per month for all of those several Extras, along with the Cloud DVR.

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In order to do this, you must log into your Sling TV account, go to My Account and then to the Change Subscription area, and from there add the Extras that you want on your plan. Some Sling TV users may be able to do it from their TV device depending on the device that they have.

The Sports Extra is also getting a price change for those who are on the Sling Orange plan. The new price for the Sports Extra will be $10 extra per month, whereas previously it was $5 extra per month.


Sling TV did explain why they increased the price for the Sports Extra on their Announcement’s page this morning:

“Since launching Sports Extra as part of our initial offering in 2015, we have added popular channels to the Sports Extra, including MLB Network, NHL Network, NBA TV and more. Our team is working hard every day to keep prices as low as possible, but sports programming fees continue to rise.”

The good news is that Sling Blue users will not see a raise in the price for the Sports Extra, which will continue to stay at its $10 extra per month price tag.

Sling TV for both the Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans is $25 per month (not including any additional Extras the user might add). However, the company is having a 40 percent off sale for new customers, making both of their plans $15 per month and $25 per month for those that want the Sling Orange + Blue plan.

To see which channels they offer on which plans, as well as the channel offerings on their Extras, click here.

Sling TV is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.


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