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Xiaomi copies Apple’s Memoji in upcoming ‘Mimoji’ feature

Another Chinese company has copied tech-giant Apple again, and this time it’s Xiaomi. They are planning to launch new smartphones, that will also come with the ability to create animated emojis of yourselves, called ‘Mimoji’.


The feature allows facial features, hairstyles and accessories to be customised, and the sticker can be sent to others via a text message. It copies Memoji, which was introduced for iPhone X devices with iOS 12. Memoji has since received major improvements that bring lots more accessories and styles to characters.

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Mimoji is a blatant clone of Apple’s cute feature, but Apple hasn’t locked this down to themselves. We’ve seen Samsung add similar functionality to their Galaxy smartphones, and Microsoft has had this avatar feature for over a decade, on Xbox.

It isn’t the first time that Xiaomi has copied Apple, and it certainly won’t be the last. Recent devices have resembled the iPhone X design, with notch and camera. The CC9 smartphone, their latest creation, will go on sale on July 5.


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