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Apple may use its old rainbow logo on some of its products this year

Apple might have plans to reintroduce its old rainbow Apple Logo some of its new products as early as this year.

This news is reported by MacRumors, who claim this may or may not be true at all. The six-color rainbow logo hasn’t been used on any Apple products since 1998. It’s also completely unknown which products Apple might use the retro logo on.

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Both the images below are concept by MacRumors,


The Mac can be a good candidate for the logo to reappear on since it is the device where the rainbow logo debuted.

Apple has always embraced the rainbow color over the years. As a tribute to Steve Jobs and as a celebration for the opening of the new Apple headquarters, the Apple Park was decorated with the colors of the rainbow logo.

We have no idea if this news is true, so it is better if you take it with a pinch of salt.

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