Nordstrom Rack Now Accepting Apple Pay

According to a recent Reddit and Twitter post, it would seem as though Nordstrom Rack has begun to accept Apple Pay in their stores.

In a tweet made by the Nordstrom Rack Twitter account in response to a customer inquiry, their tweet does say that Nordstrom Rack stores are currently accepting Apple Pay now.

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Some stores listed in Apple Maps have also begun to show that they are accepting Apple Pay too. Regular Nordstrom stores have been said to have Apple Pay acceptance too.

It should be noted too that the Nordstrom Rack iOS app does allow for purchases to be made with Apple Pay too. The official Nordstrom app does not accept it, though.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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Adam Silber
Adam Silber
3 years ago

Love Nordstrom rack . Is Apple pay safe??