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New iOS Feature prevents Facebook and Other Apps From Stealing Data

Apple has announced a new security feature for iOS 13 that will protect your data going to extra lengths to prevent abusive apps from stealing your information. The new version of the software will restrict the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) from different apps. This will generate a great impact on messaging and social network apps like Facebook and Messenger because even though this feature enables them to connect with calls and shorten wait times between different processes, it lets these apps know what you are doing on your phone.

The effects of these new features are not minimal, because this can even make the current version of the Facebook apps unusable. For them to be able to function properly, they would have to be re-written from scratch. This might not have been considered by the software engineers at Apple, but it can be a difficult feature for app developers to work around and make the iOS versions of apps without features that other platforms have.

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Even though this might sound like a bad thing, Apple is focusing all their efforts on privacy and how to protect their users from getting their data stolen. That is why they have been the most secure mobile operating system for quite a long time. Anyway, what are your thoughts on all this? Do you think these moves are pro-costumer or should they be prevented from being implemented? Tell us your opinion down below.

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