Right now, I am currently only subscribed to Hulu because I believe Netflix is a joke for how much money it costs now and the fact that they got rid of all of my favorite TV shows, which Hulu then picked up.

I should also point out that I am one of those people that does pay for the ad-free version of Hulu, which is still cheaper than Netflix (which is $13.99 per month), and Hulu without ads is $11.99 a month. It is a service that I use almost every single day and will be the reason that I do not invest in cable or satellite TV.

It was reported this week that Disney will be having a bundle for Disney+ that will also include both Hulu and ESPN+. The version of Hulu that you will be getting will have ads. I don’t mind that though since it will give me a chance to learn about what companies are using Hulu as an advertising and marketing platform (topics that I am interested in).

Additionally, I will have ESPN+, which even though I am not a big watcher of their content, I’ll let my mom use it so that she can watch college football that late fall and early winter.

What’s the best part?

The bundle for Disney+ with both Hulu and ESPN+ will only cost $12.99 per month! You cannot beat a deal like that!


Will it stink to not have ad-free Hulu anymore? Yes, but at the time, I’m gonna get it for cheaper (technically) and at least Disney+ itself will be ad-free.

Overall, it is the value that I am getting out of this bundle that makes me want it so much. The fact that in this one bundle, I’ll be able to watch the entire Toy Story trilogy (Disney+), Wall-E (Disney+), all seven seasons of  Last Man Standing (Hulu), all nine seasons How I Met Your Mother (Hulu) and being able to stream college football games (ESPN+).

That’s a lot to get out of for only $12.99 a month…