Apple Music has been updating a number of its playlists over the past month which includes renaming the Hip Hop playlist as ‘Rap Life’. Today the streaming service rebrands “Best of The Week”- consistently one of Apple Music’s top 10 playlists — as “New Music Daily”.

The playlist description reads, “Think of it like the playlist that never sleeps, updated every day with new music you simply can’t miss. When the most important artists—from across the world and across genres—have something new to drop, this will be the place to find it first”. The album art of the playlist displays Taylor Swift as her new album “The Man” gets released.

The playlist is supposed to get updated daily and get curated according to the region you live in. Apple Music users can get a more dynamic mix of new music than what was previously available. It is obvious that every song is not going to be different every day, but at least the playlist won’t be stagnant for seven days like it was before.

This a good move by Apple to compete Spotify in its playlist game.