Dark Mode Officially Comes to Pastebot

A popular app in the Mac App Store called Pastebot, has now just been updated for Version 2.3, where one of the newest features is that it has a Dark Mode.

What this app does is that everything that you Command + C with on your Mac’s keyboard, Pastebot saves it in its app so that if you have to go back to it again, you can do so.

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In order for Dark Mode to work in Pastebot for Mac, all you have to do is make it so that your Mac itself is in Dark Mode. Once you have done that, the app should automatically change over to Dark Mode on your desktop.


The app is made by the Tapbots developers, who have created both Tweetbot on iOS and macOS, as well as Calcbot, which is available on iOS, Mac and the Apple Watch.

Pastebot does cost $12.99 in the Mac App Store.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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