Companies are betting on the next iPhone’s design… take a look!

As you may know, the iPhone 11 or whatever you may want to refer to it as is coming in September and as always, case companies are trying to bet on the design of this years rendition of the iPhone handset! We recently received another tip from one of our loyal followers; Juan Pa recently spotted a marketing email from case provider Totallee detailing that they’re offering

‘signature cases for the seventh year in a row ahead of Apple’s official release’

This is a fairly bold claim from a case manufacturer that is also offering a ‘fit or money-back‘ guarantee on all pre-orders they get. This means Totallee is adamant in their predictions for the iPhone’s physical structure and shape this year, just a month before the official release.

Bold claims

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This was also seen last year from the same company, offering cases for the iPhone XS and ‘XS Plus’ as well as ‘iPhone 9’.

For this years models, they’re offering their signature cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max however these are based off of factory leaks and predictions made by various Apple community members that are renowned for their concepts of the upcoming iPhones. However, Totallee is standing by their claims that the case will fit the 2019 iPhones despite not being fully released yet; this is also their seventh year going on their predicaments for cases and they have all been accurate and this years release holds the 50/50 bet on if they’re correct with their judgement or not.

Totallee is also offering screen protectors for the entire range of iPhones this year which are also based off of leaks and other concept renditions by various Apple community members. Although, Totallee isn’t the only case manufacturer looking to be the early bird in the case game for the 2019 iPhone lineup! Olixar, another reputable iPhone case and accessories manufacturer is also betting on the design of the next iPhone and even offering some cases with Apple Pencil holsters, as per the rumor of additional Apple Pencil support for iPhone. However, one key note to add, is that Olixar is also hoping for a 4 phone lineup this year with an additional iPhone 11R, which mimics the current iPhone XR color scheme. As per usual, they are also offering screen protectors early to accompany any case purchases before the actual September keynote.

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