Apple will be holding their September Apple Event on Tuesday, September 10, which luckily for all of us will be this week!

How are you going to stream it?

The best method is going to be through Apple’s website. You’ll be able to access it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac or Windows computer.

Another method is the Apple Events app on the Apple TV, which hs been updated for the upcoming event. Simply open the app on your Apple TV (Apple 3G or newer) and you should be able to view the event from there.

Apple will additionally be live-streaming the event on YouTube for the first time ever. This means that you can go to YouTube and then go to Apple’s YouTube channel, where you should be able to stream the event right from their website or app.

It is still unknown whether or not Apple will stream their event on Twitter like they did last year. We will update this article if there is news on whether or not they do.

Apple’s September 2019 event is this Tuesday, September 10, and will begin at 10 a.m. PT. If you would like to know what we think is going to happen at this year’s event, click here.

Feature image courtesy of Mac Life