[BREAKING] New Live and Still iPhone 11 Pro range wallpapers found

All iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max wallpapers have now been discovered!

When digging around in the new iOS 13 IPSW for the new 2019 iPhones, Appleosophy was able to find and export the new iPhone wallpapers!!

These absolutely magnificent dust/particle themed wallpapers are a marvel to look at and are designed to primarily go with your new iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max. The colors range from a dark crystal-like blue to a naturalistic brown/gold and all follow the pattern of waves of particles flowing outwards from the side of the screen.

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See the entire range here [INCLUDING LIVE WALLPAPERS]

These files are available in the IPSW (restore file) for the new iPhones as it is the basis of the iOS operating system. This was made possible by having the early version of the files for the new iPhones thanks to an anonymous method, we were able to retrieve the files!

Per inspection, the wallpapers take on a similar resemblance to the iMac Pro’s special edition wallpapers; as they are all based around a slow-mo still (or live) shot of particles/waves/ink in water or some form of formation.

You can view these new wallpapers for yourself by either clicking the link below, or by also checking them out in the flesh at any Apple store from Friday (09/20/19) on-wards!

See the entire range here [INCLUDING LIVE WALLPAPERS]

We are still yet to get our hands on the iPhone 11’s wallpaper, and we shall be sure to try and get that for our Appleosophers ASAP! (Keep an eye out on our other social media)

Chris Grainger
Author: Chris Grainger

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