Over the weekend, it was reported in the Apple Pay subreddit on Reddit that GEICO is now allowing for their customers to pay for their monthly bill with Apple Pay in GEICO’s mobile app.


The update was released this past Saturday and says the following in Version 4.35:

KAPOW! BAM! ZAP! It’s National Batman Day and we have some super updates for you.

– Access your ID cards from Apple Wallet, so even in the dark night, you can find them.

– Autopay with Apple Pay, now for your auto and motorcycle policies. Definitely easier than batwinging it.

Additionally, as the update states, not only can you now pay with Apple Pay to pay your monthly bill, but also put your GEICO ID cards in the Apple Wallet and access them from there too.

The GEICO Mobile app is available for free for both the iPhone and the iPad.