Review: Apple TV Channels

Appleosophy | Review: Apple TV Channels

Apple TV Channels is a new service by Apple that essentially allows for users to be able to watch certain streaming services, which can be subscribed to and paid for through Apple.

For this review, I tested Apple TV Channels by getting a one-week free trial to EPIX. By doing this, I was able to stream the movie Bumblebee.

The first thing that I liked about the service when testing it out is that it is possible to AirPlay the movie my iPad fifth generation to the Apple TV third generation, and the audio comes out to the regular TV. This is an issue that I found when using Frndly TV when I was testing it out last month.

Additionally, you can use Apple TV Channels on the Apple TV third generation because of the fact that the new Apple TV app is on that device.

However, what makes Apple TV Channels truly great is that you can download movies and TV shows based on the subscription service you are using. For example, when it comes to CBS All Access, you can download episodes of Young Sheldon and make it available to watch offline, which is good when traveling in a car or airplane.

Lastly, all of the movies and TV shows show up in an organized menu in the Apple TV app. Everything goes based on what you put in your queue and what you have recently watched. It’s all very organized and impressive from Apple.

All in all, Apple TV Channels gets 4/4 stars. This is a great service by Apple and I’m glad that it exists. It makes TV-watching more organized and makes it so that you never want to put the Apple TV remote down.

Rating: 4/4 stars

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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