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How to Use Apple Pay on National Pancake Day

Today is National Pancake Day and with the cool fall weather coming, it seems like the perfect time to get yourself a set of pancakes.

Here are the following deals that you can use at pancake-selling businesses that accept Apple Pay too:

  • IHOP: Today, you can get 15 percent off your order through the IHOP app. However, IHOP does not accept Apple Pay in their app, but does in their restaurants though.
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  • DoorDash: Although not technically for National Pancake Day, you can get 25 percent off your first order with the discount code “DOORDASH25”


  • UberEats: Get 70 percent off your first order with the discount code “EPIC70”


  • McDonald’s: There are no specific deals from McDonald’s today for this holiday, but they do have cheap pancakes and accept Apple Pay in their restaurants, so you can’t mess with that too much. You can order either in their restaurants, the McDonald’s iOS app or through a delivery service like UberEats or DoorDash.

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