A Jailbreak researcher named axi0mx posted on Twitter that any iPhone from the iPhone 4s (A5)to the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X(A11) could be jailbroken because of an unpatchable bootrom exploit. The name of the exploit is Checkm8. This exploit exists in hundreds of millions of iOS Devices. Moreover, this exploit cannot be patched by a Software update as it is a hardware issue. You will still be able to jailbreak no matter what iOS version you are in.

An iPhone ranging from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone X can be jailbroken with any version of iOS running on it.

Jailbreak developers will soon start implementation of the Cydia App in this Jailbreak which will allow users to install tweaks.

To install this Jailbreak in the future, you will require a computer to do so. You cannot install the jailbreak with the device only.

Jailbreaking has come so far and recently, when iOS 12.4 was the latest iOS version, a jailbreak was released for that. Let’s see what the future of Jailbreaking is.