iOS 13.1.3 is out!

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Appleosophy | iOS 13.1.3 is out!
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Apple just released iOS 13.1.3 to the public which promises a few bug fixes and improvements across the entire OS. Apple is taking the lead in terms of speedy software updates.

This update is based on Bug fixes. The size of the update is anywhere from 50MB to 200 MB depending on the device and the software you are updating from. The build number for this update is 17A878.

This update will show up on your device when you go to Settings>General> Software Update.

If you tap on about this update, you will see a lot of bug fixes and improvements which are:-

  • Addresses an issue that could prevent a device from ringing or vibrating for an incoming call
  • Fixes an issue that may prevent opening a meeting invite in Mail
  • Resolves an issue where data in the Health app may not display correctly after daylight savings time adjusts/after British Summer Time adjusts
  • Fixes an issue where Voice Memos recordings may not download after restoring from iCloud Backup
  • Addresses an issue where apps might fail to download when restoring from iCloud Backup
  • Fixes an issue that can prevent Apple Watch from pairing successfully
  • Resolves an issue where notifications may not be received on Apple Watch
  • Fixes an issue where Bluetooth may disconnect on certain vehicles
  • Improves connection reliability of Bluetooth hearing aids and headsets
  • Addresses launch performance for apps that use Game Center

All these are bug fixes by Apple in their latest public release. It is recommended to update for the latest bug fixes and improvements with enhanced security.

Also, iOS 13.2 will be released soon to the public with it’s amazing new features. It is in it’s beta stages now!

Happy Updating!

Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

Pururaj is the Vice President of Appleosophy and Silicon Report, in addition to being the Manager of popular Redfruit Media platforms such as TechPod Social and Apple Summit. His seasoned experience plays a pivotal role in the success of Redfruit Media, contributing significantly to shaping the ever-evolving tech landscape. As a tech aficionado, he enjoys exploring & reviewing new products, and sharing his insights with the community. With an unwavering passion for technology, Pururaj is committed to delivering accurate and insightful information to his readers.

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Kristen Baker
Kristen Baker
4 years ago

Apple is finally getting to this point. The new “iOS Home Page Search” feature is just so awesome, and they are so fast in that regard that it’s now a no-brainer to be able to find it. I just hope gthat it can runs well with my bluestacks apps.

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