We received a tip this afternoon from a reader who has now given us the news and details that TJ Maxx has started accepting Apple Pay in their retail stores.

According to the person who tipped us, TJ Maxx has been accepting it for a few months, but now they actually have signs in their stores that tell customers that they do accept Apple Pay there now.

This was shown in a photo the reader emailed us, where it shows that the company and its stores are accepting Apple Pay, as well as Google Pay, Samsung Pay and all other NFC-based payment methods.


Customers that have the TJ Maxx Rewards credit card can add that to the Apple Wallet app too.

Apple Card users, when using the Apple Card on their iPhone or Apple Watch, will be able to get two percent cashback on purchases from TJ Maxx now that they accept Apple Pay. If they use their physical card, they will only be able to get one percent back.

Let us know in the comments if you have seen that TJ Maxx now accepts Apple Pay in your store!