And here we are, exactly after a week!

Apple is wrapping up and finishing with the beta cycle of iOS 13.2 and preparing for its launch to the public. iOS 13.2 will be out to the public on or before 30th of October as the new Beats Solo Pro Wireless is releasing on that day, and it requires iOS 13.2 for using it. The build number of iOS 13.2 beta 4 is 17B5084a and the letter ‘a’ at the end of the build number signifies that we are very close to the official launch. This software is almost ready for release and we may get one more beta before it’s official launch because there are just a few bugs left to be resolved in the software or we might get the final version straightaway.

iOS 13.2 brings in a ton of small features and refinements to iOS 13 which will help in user experience.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max users, go ahead and update as soon it’s out, because you’ll be getting Deep Fusion integrated within your new Camera App.