What’s wrong with Apple’s Smart Battery case


There is a disadvantage of Apple Smart Battery Cases which you might now know about!

If you use these battery cases, your iPhone is constantly charging which means that the phone is heating up and, heat destroys the battery day-by-day. If you play heavy games with the battery case on, the phone heats up a lot, and it is charging too which makes the heat go up even further which eventually destroys your battery slowly. Or, after you played a heavy game, and you kept your iPhone on a Wireless charger, it adds to the heat, because wirelessly charging your phone heats the phone more than the usual cable charging method. When you are using the case, you might not feel so much of heat, but if you take it out of the case, you can feel how hot it is. Your iPhone may not last as long as it used to 6 months back! Yes! The battery health falls, and the battery capacity also falls day by day. If your iPhone is more than 2 years old with the battery case, you can check the battery health, and the capacity should be below 80%. You might now notice it at first, but it reduces the life of your battery more quickly than usual. So you should use these Battery Cases only if you need them. If your iPhone easily lasts a day, then you may not require it. It depends on your use and the chances you get to charge your iPhone and the case.

The only solution to this is that Apple could put an off/on button somewhere in the battery case for us to control when the iPhone is charging, and when it’s not.