Appleosophy’s 2019 Apple Christmas gift recommendations

Appleosophy|Appleosophy's 2019 Apple Christmas gift recommendations

It’s no secret that the holiday season is here and as of today and the publishing day of this article, we are now two weeks away from Christmas. If you have been blowing off shopping, now might be a great time for you to start.

For this article, we will list a set of Apple products and why they could be a good gift idea to give someone for Christmas this year.

  • iPhone 11: This is the brand new iPhone 11 that has been improved from last year’s iPhone XS. It still has the double camera lense and is a great baseline iPhone to get for someone, whether it is their first iPhone or are upgrading from an older model.


  • iPhone 11 Pro: Whether this is the regular Pro or Pro Max, this is a great phone to get for that person who takes a lot of photos or wants to shoot pro-like video right from their smartphone. Plus, these models have three camera lenses on them, making their photos and videos so much better.


  • 10.2-inch iPad seventh generation: I’ll be honest, I never thought that Apple would release a 10.2-inch iPad this year, or at least not for the regular iPad. They did a couple of years ago with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Still, this is a great iPad to get for someone who is possibly hard of seeing or just wants a bigger screen without the huge price tag of a device like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.


  • iPad Mini 5: This is great for those who don’t want an iPad with a huge screen. In addition to that, this is a good iPad for kids. It’s small just like they are and will get them all of the power and tools necessary in order to have a good experience. If the gift is for an adult, the iPad Mini 5 will fit well in laptop bag sleeves or over-the-shoulder traveling bags. Reading books from Apple Books or the Kindle app are another nice touch to this iPad too. It does have Apple Pencil support, so if they like to edit photos from an iPad, they might want to give this iPad a try.


  • MacBook Air: If you’re looking for something that has plenty of power but not too much to handle, the MacBook Air is a great idea for a gift. Not only does it have a slim and sleek design to it, but like the older iPhone and some current-generation iPads, this MacBook Air does have Touch ID, which is great for unlocking the Mac with, as well as make purchases with Apple Pay from too.


  • MacBook Pro: To be honest, only get this Mac if the person is a true pro and is needing the power to be able to do their work well. Both the 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro should do the trick. However, if you do plan on making this their gift for the year, let them know about it beforehand and let them pick it out because a laptop, a device they could be using every day, is a very personal item. Especially an Apple laptop.


  • Apple Watch Series 4: If you are able to find an Apple Watch Series 4 at a good price, get it. There are not too many differences between it and the newer Series 5 that came out this year. Best of all, you could save a lot of money too.


  • iPod Touch seventh generation: Get this one for the kid who wants an iPhone but that you don’t want to buy an iPad for just yet. It has the size and mobility of an iPhone without the monthly bill.


  • HomePod: It may be a little expensive normally, but if you can find it on sale, then go for it. This sound and base on these smart speakers are truly some of the best out there, and with Siri integration, it could make your life or someone else’s life a lot easier.


  • AirPods: The AirPods Pro just came out last month, and just with regular AirPods, are set to be one of the top items to get this holiday season. Let it be known that there is no wrong answer between choosing either the AirPods Pro or regular AirPods. Both are great products that will make any person happy this holiday season.


  • iTunes gift cards: You can never go wrong with gift cards this time of the year, and they make great and easy stocking stuffers. They can be used for new premium apps, movie purchases and rentals, music, eBooks and plenty of other useful items too.

Remember that if you do make any of these purchases with Apple Card this Christmas and holiday season, that you will be able to get 6 percent in cashback in Daily Cash on the Apple Cash card (must buy with an iPhone or Apple Watch, no physical card). That promotion works when buying items from Apple’s website or through the brick-and-mortar Apple Stores. The promotion will expire on December 31, 2019.

Other purchases made with Apple Card from the Wallet app at stores such as Best Buy, Target and B&H Photo will enable Apple Card users to get 2 percent back in Daily Cash on their Apple Cash cards too.

If you do not plan on using Apple Card, we do recommend shopping at other electronics stores like the ones mentioned above or others that you know of that accept Apple Pay, as it is the safest way to keep your credit and debit card information safe from hackers this holiday season.

Also, be sure to check out our app recommendations for both iOS and macOS this holiday season if you are looking to give the gift of apps this year. You can read our review of Apple Card here too.

Did we miss any big products this year? Let us know what you plan on getting your family and friends this year for the holidays in the comments! We’d sure like to hear it!

Appleosophy|Appleosophy's 2019 Apple Christmas gift recommendations
Author: David Becker

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