Opinion: Could VidGo be a good alternative for PlayStation Vue users?


VidGo is a newer live TV streaming service that has a channel selection and price that could be quite interesting to the average consumer and also be an alternative for PlayStation Vue users that will be losing Vue in late-January 2020.

VidGo is a service that starts at $39.99 a month for its Core Plan (60+ channels) and has another plan that costs $49.99 a month called the Plus Package (80+ channels).

The service has something for everyone, whether that is sports channels like ESPN and FOX Sports networks, family-friendly channels like Hallmark Channel and Lifetime and kids channels such as all of the Nickelodeon and Disney networks.

Right now, PlayStation Vue’s cheapest plan is $50 per month, so VidGo is still the cheaper route to go when it comes to live TV streaming services.

Where VidGo has troubles that PlayStation Vue did not have as much trouble with is when it comes to local channels. Currently, VidGo has ABC and FOX networks but only in select markets, according to Cord Cutters News.

They also recently added FOX News, FOX, FS1 and Big Ten Network (BTN) just this past week, making the service have even more channels that consumers want, whether they are a news or sports junkie.

There is currently no DVR or on-demand support, but you can bet that those features will be added at some point in 2020.

For PlayStation Vue users that are still looking for an alternative, don’t rule out VidGo. It may be new, but it could be the next big thing for live TV streaming.

To try out the service, click here and get a one-week free trial of the service to see if it is for you.

VidGo is available to stream on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. When streaming from a Mac, it will work on Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox internet browsers.