Opinion: Can you write and manage a blog all from an iPad in 2020?

It’s 2020 and blogging and writing for websites are still very much a thing on the internet today. We have known for years that desktop computers and laptops have been the way to go for this, as well as the fact that they are the traditional way of writing online.

With the release of the iPad, with its touchscreen keyboard, there has been a shift in how we can publish content online, whether that is in a written form or through video. Apps across the App Store like WordPress, Weebly and others have adapted their apps to enable users to publish content online.

So what are some of the apps that we recommend that you use to help write for and manage your blog or website?

  • WordPress: We are a WordPress-based website and I have run my own personal blog from it over the last several years, so obviously I’m going to recommend them as I am a big fan of theirs. With that said, their app for both the iPad and iPhone is phenomenal. You can check stats right from your chosen device and it has a widget for it too. The app is always being updated and improved, and it looks really good in iOS 13’s Dark Mode.


  • Weebly: This is another good route to go with managing a blog and website. One thing that Weebly is good for, now that they are owned by Square, is that they are good for websites that sell merchandise. It has a way of easily being able to see how much money you have made that day, week, month, quarter, etc. It does contain a lot of in-app purchases that cost between $29.99-$299.99. It’s an investment, that’s for sure. If you do end up going this route, make sure that you have a plan.


  • Squarespace: Think of this one as the more premium version of WordPress. It’s a great blog and website host, but like with Weebly, you’re going to want to make sure you have a plan and that you are willing to make the investment. Squarespace is a fine source to use for blogging and website management.


  • Wix: I think we have all seen the ads for this one over the last couple of years, but for those who have not, this is like what Weebly was like before it was acquired by Square. With this service, you can manage and write your own blog posts, view your traffic and see your merchandise sales. There is even a chat function in the app too.


  • BlogTouch for Blogger: This is a third-party app in the App Store for those who write for and manage a blog (or want to) through Google’s Blogger blogging service. Right now, Google doesn’t really have its own app for Blogger, so third party routes are the only ways to do it from your iPad and iPhone. The good news is that the app is free in the App Store and does include one in-app purchase that is only $4.99.

Blogging and website management from the iPad is definitely possible in 2020. I’d be sure that if you are looking into writing or managing a website this way, that you get an iPad like the iPad Pro because of its Pro capabilities, especially if you are going to be the person who is editing photos or videos on the go and not from a MacBook.


This is not to say that the new 10.2-inch iPad seventh generation is bad because it is absolutely not. Managing a website or blog from one is just not one of the things that you should be doing with an iPad like that. Simply writing blog posts or articles is fine from it every now and then, but not something you should be doing often.

Lastly, the last two things I would recommend when managing a website or blog on the iPad Pro is that you should get a Bluetooth keyboard case for it. Apple does sell the Smart Keyboard for the two newest versions of the iPad Pro, which will make your typing more concise.

Additionally, download the Grammarly keyboard for the iPad so that you will not run into as many problems with spelling, grammar and punctuation.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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