VidGo to get more local stations in the next two months

Appleosophy | VidGo to get more local stations in the next two months

It’s no secret that cord-cutting is becoming more and more popular. When searching for a live TV streaming service, people are looking for their local news affiliates for both the local news and its syndicated programming.

With that said, VidGo has recently announced that they are planning on adding more local channels to their lineup soon.

Shane Cannon, CEO at Vidgo, said this about the future of OTT and the company itself:

“A large, diverse content catalog is critically important for an OTT streaming service to be successful, and Vidgo has set a high bar in this regard. Our new streaming service gives subscribers a simple, convenient way to watch live TV anytime, on any device, ensuring that sports fans never miss important matches, fights and games on some of the most popular channels available.”

It has been reported that Harmonic will be the company responsible for helping VidGo acquire more local ABC and FOX affiliates. The goal is that VidGo would like to have the new affiliates on their streaming service in the next two months. Another part of the plan is that they hope to get the affiliates in all 200 markets.

VidGo starts at $39.99 a month and contains over 60 channels. The service is available to be streamed on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. You can read our review of the service here.

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