Rumor: Apple to release a second-generation iPhone SE by March 2020


One of the products that some Apple fans have been looking for is a new version of the iPhone SE. It is a smartphone that is made for those who want a smaller screen instead of having a big screen like the ones we have seen with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple released the original iPhone SE in March 2016 and was discontinued by September 2018.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple has started production of a new low-cost iPhone. It is expected that this new iPhone will be a lot like Apple’s iPhone 8 that had a 4.7-inch screen. Along with that, the specs of it would be improved with an A13 processor (which is the same as the iPhone 11) and 3GB of RAM.


Unlike the newer iPhones that have Face ID, this new low-cost iPhone would still have Touch ID.

Apple is expected to unveil this new low-cost iPhone in March 2020, where there could be an event for it. However, nothing has been said by Apple yet regarding whether or not they will have an event this March.

This new iPhone could be the way for others to get into the Apple ecosystem, as the phone would be both cheap and have that smaller screen size that should be easy for others to get accustomed to. Additionally, it is for those that do not want a big-screened iPhone in their hand or their pocket.

The company is still expecting to release a set of new iPhones this year that could have a new design and 5G connectivity as well.