Opinion: Top 5 ways to spend that last $5 of Apple Cash

Appleosophy | Opinion: Top 5 ways to spend that last $5 of Apple Cash
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We all love getting money from people, whether that is in physical cash or digital currency like Apple Cash. Apple Cash can be acquired if someone sends it to you through iMessage or through Daily Cash from purchases made with Apple Card.

Let’s say that you received a significant amount of money, but are now on your last $5 of your Apple Cash balance. Believe it or not, there are a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to how you will spend those last few dollars on your card.

Note that the choices are going to be designed and catered to those who have (exactly) $5 on their Apple Card. Here are just some choices:

  • Rent a movie from iTunes: Most movies on iTunes only cost $3.99 to rent unless it is a brand new movie. iTunes has other movies that can sometimes be rented for as much as only 99 cents. Have a movie night with your last bit of Apple Cash!


  • McDonald’s: Did you know that in the McDonald’s Mobile Order app that it has some really good deals that really cheapen your meals. I say this because that is what I did for my dinner. I was able to get two cheeseburgers and a medium fry all for under $5. It is possible!


  • Goodwill DVDs: There are a lot of Goodwill stores that do accept Apple Pay, so if you find one that does, check out their DVD section. Often times they have movies and TV show seasons for pretty cheap (we’re talking, at most, $2.39 each), which is always nice. Yes, we like to promote streaming here, but hey, if you find a season of The Big Bang Theory or Friends for cheap, you gotta take advantage of that.


  • 12-pack of soda: It might sound stupid, but if you can find a place that sells 12-packs of soda for under $5, you might want to get a pack. If possible, get it in a state that does not have a bottle deposit tax (here are the ones that do) because that is just another way to save money. Places that I recommend would be Target and Family Dollar since they both accept Apple Pay, therefore, accept Apple Cash too.


  • Apps: Why not buy an app in the App Store? It helps you because it gives you an app for a thing that you want or need in your life, and helps out an app developer so that they can make a living. My personal suggestion for an app to buy is Tweetbot, which is a third-party Twitter app that has a better design than the official Twitter app and has tweets in chronological order.


  • (BONUS) Donate to your favorite 2020 presidential candidate: 2020 is the year of yet another election in the United States. We won’t tell you who to specifically vote for because that is for you to decide yourself, but all we ask is that you make the best choice for what works for you and what you think is the best for this country. Also, make sure you make your donation with Apple Pay!


David Becker
Author: David Becker

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