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Totallee predicts design for new iPhone SE 2; begins selling cases for it

Once again, Totallee seems to be predicting what this year’s new iPhone SE 2 is going to look like and has already set up pre-orders for its new line of cases for said iPhone SE 2. Totallee did this last year for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro too.

It has been rumored that Apple will be releasing a new iPhone SE 2 next month. This would make sense since the last time Apple released a phone of that caliber was in March 2017. The fact that next month is March 2020, it would be completely logical for Apple to be releasing a new version of the iPhone SE.

This new iPhone SE will get away from the 4-inch screen size of the original iPhone SE and look more like the iPhone 8 with its 4.7-inch screen. According to the rumors, it is currently not set to have Face ID like the iPhone X-iPhone 11 Pro Max. Instead, it will have Touch ID that is currently on the original iPhone SE and the iPhone 8.

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Totallee is currently selling iPhone SE 2 cases in anticipation of this new version of that smartphone. The colors that are available for the cases are Frosted Black and Clear.

For those that do decide to make the early purchase for these new iPhone SE 2 cases, we can tell you that Totallee does accept Apple Pay on its website for secure checkouts. This means for Apple Card users, that they will be able to get 2 percent back in Daily Cash from making a purchase through Totallee’s website.

If purchased through Totallee, the cases would then ship on March 24, 2020, meaning that since Apple likes Friday release days, the iPhone SE 2 itself could be released on either March 27, 2020, or April 3, 2020.

Apple is expected to have an event sometime in March 2020 to unveil this new iPhone SE 2, where all of this information will be explained.

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