Review: Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Appleosophy | Review: Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Over this past weekend, I have the privilege of going to Tulsa, Oklahoma with my brother to go to the Apple Store at the Woodland Hills Mall. Although the trip for the two of us was not specifically designed to go to the Apple Store, it was on the list of places that I wanted to go to.

This was my first time ever going to this store and the mall that it was located in. All I knew about it was that it was in a mall, but nothing other than that. While I probably should have researched it to see what it would look like so that I would know what to look for, the bigger part of me wanted to be surprised, so that is exactly what I did.

Appleosophy | Review: Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Once finding and entering the Apple Store, I started searching for the 2019 Mac Pro, as that was something that I wanted to get photos of. Sadly, they did not have it on display. I asked a worker over there, who told me that their store was not “special enough” to get that Mac there for customers to look at. They could order one for me though if I wanted. Obviously, I am not in the financial means of doing that right now, so I politely passed.

The store itself was pretty filled with customers but not enough to the point where you were unable to get around.

One thing that I did like about this store, and it is something I have seen with other stores, is that they do not judge or try to persuade a customer to buy a newer version of a MacBook if they come in for a Today at Apple, in-store learning or Genius Bar appointment (unless it is absolutely necessary). It really shows that for that case, Apple does care about its customers and wants to do what is best for them and their needs.

Appleosophy | Review: Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If there was one thing that I did not like about the store was that it just does not seem big enough for 2020 standards. The store was opened in July 2007 and with how much Apple has changed, it seems as though this store has almost been forgotten. Perhaps one day, Apple will upgrade and either get it a bigger place in that mall (the same way they did with the Apple Store in the Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines, Iowa) or make it its own standalone store, such as the one on 5th Ave in New York City.

The customer service was good and the sales associates were really nice, which is another thing that I have come to appreciate about going to the Apple Store (although I was not offered free coffee like I was the one time I went to the old Mall of America store).

Despite its old look and not having products like the 2019 Mac Pro on display, I can say that this Apple Store gets 4/4 stars. From a customers’ point of view, they have everything that most customers would want and need, as well as the fact that it’s a great place to see the latest and greatest from Apple.

Rating: 4/4 stars

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