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Target shows new Apple TV, iPod Touch and Apple Watch bands in inventory system

A recent article published by 9to5Mac shows that Target employees have sent them images from Target’s inventory system.

The products that are mentioned in the screenshot are “Apple TV Gen X,” “iPod Touch” and new Apple Watch bands.


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With these products being added to Target’s inventory database, it fits the timeline for Apple’s rumored March 2020 event. However, we have not heard anything regarding rumors of a new iPod Touch. The new Apple TV would not be a surprise since the Apple TV has not been updated since September 2017, which was the release of the Apple TV 4K.

In addition to those devices mentioned above, another product that was mentioned in the screenshots was new Apple Watch bands. Apple Watch bands are typically released right after the March Apple events, so the timeline does fit.

Prices from the screenshots put the Apple TV at $180 and iPod Touch at $400. The Apple Watch bands will more than likely sell for a variety of different prices, depending on the color and style.

Whether or not these products are released at some point after the Apple March 2020 event (if it happens) is completely up to Apple. The likelihood of the products having the “Gen X” name in them is not likely.

Right now, the rumored products for the Apple March 2020 event will be a new iPhone SE, Apple TV, the new AirTags and possibly a new iPad Pro.

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