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Revolut adds Apple Pay support for Singapore cardholders

The time has finally come for customers using the Revolut debit card in Singapore to start using Apple Pay.

A user from Reddit has posted an email sent to customers using the Revolut cards in Singapore. The email states that users of the card can add it to the Apple Wallet app and use Apple Pay.

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“The wait is over. Apple Pay is here!”


Revolut offers its services for EUR and GBP bank accounts and uses either MasterCard prepaid and Visa debit cards. The features of the cards are fee-free currency exchange, stock trading and peer-to-peer payments.

By adding Apple Pay support, this means that users of the card will be able to use their iPhone or Apple Watch for purchases made in stores and businesses, as well as the iPad and Mac for making online purchases.

In addition to that, users will have the opportunity to send and receive money from their friends and family via Apple Cash, Apple’s version of Venmo.

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