Apple releases updated Mac Mini

Along with the release of a new MacBook Air today, Apple has updated the Mac Mini, which has not seen an update since its last release in 2018.

This new update to the Mac Mini is a fairly brief one, highlighting that it now starts with double the capacity storage, which will now be 256GB and that starts at $799. It can be maxed-out to 512GB that will cost $1,099.

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Please note that if you do purchase a Mac Mini, you will have to provide yourself with your own mouse, keyboard, speakers and monitor, as the Mac Mini does not come with any of those accessories and is a more personalized desktop Mac.

The updated Mac Mini can be ordered today but will not have the option for being picked up in stores since all Apple Stores are closed until further notice because of the coronavirus pandemic across the world.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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