iOS 14’s Find My app will face some major changes

Apple News website 9to5mac has obtained code from iOS 14, revealing the Find My app will face some drastic improvements, such as a new options for getting alerts and AR compatibility.

Since the first beta of iOS 13, Apple has showed that they are ready for some changes in this app, as their first steps were to combine the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into one, called Find My.

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The first major change Apple will bring into iOS 14’s Find My app is the ability to quickly set time and location alerts, for those you are sharing location with.

What does that mean? You’re probably wondering. Well, the new feature will supposedly allow you to set times and places where someone should arrive at a certain time, on a daily basis. If they do not arrive at the specified time, an alert will be sent to all the iCloud devices that support the Find My feature.

This will be very useful, especially for parents to check if their kids arrive on time at school, home or other places they frequently visit.

This feature will also support the time someone should leave a certain location, and will trigger an alert if they leave earlier/later than expected.

The second major change pointed out is the AR compatibility, meaning that we will be able to visually locate the devices on close locations, due to the developer framework which will be available soon.

Although we are not sure about the release of the new AirTag tracking products, there are rumors saying that they will also be supported by AR.

Mihnea Bondor
Author: Mihnea Bondor

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