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Rumor: Walmart in the U.S. and Canada could be testing Apple Pay in select stores

No, this is NOT an April Fool’s Day joke!

Walmart is known to be a company that has been one of the few out there that has not added Apple Pay in its stores, app or website.

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Other big companies such as Target, Barnes and Noble, HyVee and Publix have all added it within the last couple of years, but Walmart has always been the one where customers have had to stick their credit/debit card in the card reader or use Walmart’s mobile payment method, Walmart Pay.

With that said, Walmart could be testing Apple Pay in select stores in both the United States and Canada.

A Canadian Walmart store in Niagara Falls, Ontario that shows the Apple Pay symbol near the bottom-right corner

This has been revealed in Apple Maps with select stores in both countries where its selected locations say that they accept Apple Pay at them.

2020-04-01 20.01.52
A Walmart store in Pflugerville, Texas that shows the Apple Pay symbol in the bottom-right corner.

Walmart Apple Pay SC
A Walmart store in Sioux City, Iowa that also says that it accepts Apple Pay now too

Yes, this could simply be a bug or mistake in Apple Maps, but let it be known that it could also mean that Walmart is debating about finally bringing Apple’s mobile payment method to its stores.

If it is true, this would also mean that Apple Card users would be able to get two percent back in Daily Cash on each purchase they make from their Apple Card on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Walmart has not confirmed whether or not they plan on adding the payment method to its stores, but could be doing so in a quiet and gradual rollout. It could also be that Walmart has not added to its stores yet but plans to do so soon.


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