Exclusive: AirTags confirmed in a new Apple Support Video!

Apple just uploaded a video on their Apple Support YouTube channel titled “How to erase your iPhone”. This tutorial tells us about the process of erasing an iPhone to factory settings from the iPhone itself or through a computer.

As we discovered, in the 2nd part of the tutorial, which is erasing an iPhone from the computer, Apple tells us to turn off Find My iPhone on the iPhone. Now, when the Apple support executive in the video taps on Settings>Name>Find My, it’s mentioned “Enables your iPhone and other supported accessories to be shown on the map” which can be seen if the video is paused at 1:40. Now, when the executive taps on Find my iPhone, the real stuff can be seen there. There are three different options which are – Enabling/Disabling Find My iPhone, Enabling Offline Finding and Send Last Location. Under “Enable Offline Finding”, Apple mentions “Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.” This phrase clearly mentions AirTags and can be seen if the video is paused at 1:42.  Have a look at these screenshots from the Apple Support Video from their YouTube channel.

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Source: Apple Support Video

Source: Apple Support Video

Source: Apple Support Video

You may go ahead and watch the video here. Apple may delete or change the video due to this leak. It is unclear whether this was accidental or on purpose. AirTags have been rumored since last year and after this leak, it may be launched very soon, alongside the iPhone which is rumored to come in April.

Let’s hope for the best! Stay updated with the latest Apple news at Appleosophy and follow our Telegram News Channel here.

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