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Apple Card Deal: Get 3 percent in Daily Cash when using physical card at Walgreens

Those who have Apple Card as their credit card now have the opportunity to temporarily get three percent back in Daily Cash when using their physical Apple Card at Walgreens at the drive-thru.

Apple and Walgreens’ new promotion will enable Apple Card users to do this with the physical Apple credit cards until June 30. However, Apple Card users will have to use the Apple Card from their iPhone or Apple Watch in order to get the three percent in Daily Cash in Walgreens stores, as well as its app and website.

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Both companies are doing this to encourage social distancing throughout the coronavirus pandemic and not having customers come into the Walgreens stores, which could possibly contaminate it and the employees with coronavirus.

Please note that this does not include Duane Reade even though that company is owned by Walgreens. This is for Walgreens only.


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