Apple offers financial assistance for premium resellers in India

Apple’s premium resellers from India are now receiving 2 months of financial assistance directly from them due to the pandemic outbreak, according to The Economic Times. They are encouraged to reinforce the online sales, in order to change the shoppings patterns.

Worldwide, Apple has shown support and solidarity towards the retail staff during the store closures, offering them paid leave, flexible ways to work from home, and as they are not leaving its partners behind, so they are covering the salaries and store rents for 2 months.

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Although, Premium Resellers from India are now asked to explore and improve channels and ways to distribute the Apple products, especially online, as Apple Online Store does not operate in India, so the customers attempting to purchase products from there, are automatically redirected to third party website, trusted by Apple.

Apple is planning to open its first official retail store in India by the end of 2021, but this might be delayed due to these 2 months of closed stores and the global economics suffering major changes, but it’s not yet a confirmed fact. The rumors and reports suggests could be located in Mumbai, Bandra Kurla complex.

Mihnea Bondor
Author: Mihnea Bondor

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