Opinion: One year with Fantastical for Mac

This is not a review because it has already been done, but I have officially been using Fantastical for Mac for over a year now.

I was previously using the default Apple Calendar app on my Mac, but from the words of the 11th Doctor from “Doctor Who,” “Times change and so must I.”

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Last year, I was fortunate enough to get Fantastical for the Mac with a nice student discount. Instead of paying $49.99 for it at the time (before the new versions of it came out last fall), I ended up paying about $22 for it. Yes, it was a nice discount.

I should also add that I have the app on my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

One of the first aspects that I love about this app over a year later is the syncing between it and my other devices. If I add a new event from my MacBook Pro, then it immediately goes to my iPhone and other devices too.

The update to Fantastical 3 this fall brought the weather for the next three days to it for the new free version of the app. For some, this might be a problem, but for me, I can work with that. It also helps that I have CARROT Weather on all of my Apple devices too, so there is no sense in paying for two of the exact same thing.

Design-wise, we’re talking about an app that has a better design than Apple’s version. The Dark Mode looks truly dark but not too dark. I feel like with some apps, Apple got lazy with it and they made them just look black. Not all apps need to be black, Space Gray works too.

At the end of the day, it’s a great app, and even with its new app and business model where it charges $39.99 a year for the full use of the app can be ignored. I believe that the app with its free features is still great and still better than the default Apple Calendar app you’ll find on a Mac.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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