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Apple Pay now available at 90 percent of Redbox kiosks

In a release regarding Redbox’s stance and what they have done during the coronavirus pandemic, the company announced it has added contactless/NFC-based payment methods to the majority of its kiosks.

The movie rental company said in a statement on its website that 90 percent of the company’s kiosks are now accepting Apple Pay.

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“Contactless payment technology is now available at more than 90% of our kiosks, so customers can securely pay with a quick “tap”, rather than swiping or using a chip reader. In either case, only customers (as opposed to store personnel) handle their payment cards.”

We reported last year that the company had begun to add new card readers to its kiosks so that its kiosks would be able to accept Apple Pay, as well as other payment methods such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Redbox kiosks with new card readers on them. Photo by Reddit user @tytygh1010

There is a difference in the look of the card readers that were put on Redbox kiosks last year, compared to how they look now.


Current look of Redbox kiosks and its card readers that accept Apple Pay. It will prompt you to “Please Tap or Insert Card,” as well as have a light-up NFC symbol on it. Photo by Bennguyen2 on Reddit.

By Redbox accepting Apple Pay at its kiosks, it means that Apple Card users will be able to get two percent in Daily Cash for each purchase they make from a kiosk.

Are you planning on using Apple Pay at Redbox now? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

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