Apple is considering providing subscribers of News+ audio stories

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Appleosophy | Apple is considering providing subscribers of News+ audio stories
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Apple is considering providing Apple News+ subscribers with an option to listen to audio versions of stories. Some publishers spoke with Digiday and here is what they said:

Over the past several months, Apple has been asking the publishers participating in its year-old premium program for permission to produce audio versions of the stories distributed there, according to sources at four different publishers that have heard the pitch.

Apple will handle production costs, and compensate publishers in the same way it compensates them for the written content available on Apple News+, two sources said; Apple metes out 50% of subscriber revenue to publishers based on how much time those subscribers spend with publishers’ content in a 30-day period.

Featured in the article from Digiday, publishers said they are not satisfied with the revenue earned from Apple News+. One publisher told Digiday that they generate less than $20,000 per month.

You can read the full article from Digiday here

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