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Appleosophy | Review: Audbos wireless charging car mount
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Audbos is not the type of company one hears about. It’s not up there like Belkin, OtterBox or Griffin, in terms of iPhone accessory companies.

What it lacks in popularity, it makes up for with a car mount for the iPhone that does exactly what it needs to do.

Audbos’s car mount is not just an iPhone holder, but it can also wirelessly charge your iPhone while you are driving. All the person has to do is set it up in their car and stick one end of the USB-C cable (which comes with the accessory) into the mount, which will activate the wireless charging, and the other end to a USB port in the car itself.


This is really great for those who are in their car and on the road a lot who need access to their iPhone.

One feature of the product that I like about it is that since every new iPhone has stereo speakers, it enables me to make and receive phone calls, have them on speaker (since my car does not have Bluetooth and the USB port does not transmit the phone call to my car’s speakers) and not have to hold the iPhone. It’s safer this way and makes me not need to put my AirPods in, which as everyone should know, one should not use while they are driving.

I have found that it can come in handy when I am choosing a song from Apple Music or switching to a different podcast in the Apple Podcasts app.

Car Mount

The product is also great when using your iPhone as a GPS with Apple Maps and services like it.

As for the charging aspect of the product, it does a decent job. I have noticed when I have my wired connection from my Lightning to USB cable in my car, the charging is slower than it is when I have it plugged it into an outlet at home.

Wirelessly charging my iPhone 8 Plus from this device is no different. It does charge it, just not as fast as I would like it to in some cases. That is not a problem with the device itself, but more so a problem with my car and its battery.

Overall, this product gets 4/4 stars from me. I wanted something that would hold my iPhone and charge it at the same time, but also to the point where I can still see it if I need to.

It can be found on Amazon in both black and white colors for $19.99 each.

Rating: 4/4 stars


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