More Apple Stores looted in Arizona and South Carolina

We reported yesterday that there were some Apple Stores in Minnesota and Oregon were broken in and looted Thursday night. As of Saturday night, May 30, two more Apple Stores have had the same thing happen to them.

People across American are still rioting and protesting over the death of George Floyd, an African American male who was innocently killed last week by a police officer in Minneapolis.

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In Scottsdale, Arizona, the Apple Store there was broken into and looted. Thieves broke into the store by pulling on the front glass doors of the store, and then went in to steal whatever Apple products and accessories they could find and get.

There is video on Twitter by @skelly_john35 to prove this:

An Apple Store in Charleston, South Carolina was also broken into Saturday night as well. Rob Way, a TV reporter for Live 5 News in Charleston, posted a video on Twitter of the aftermath of the robbery and looting that took place at that store.

According to The Apple Post, Apple has started to put away devices and products at the end of the workday. By doing it this way, the products cannot be seen to the public when the store is unattended, making it harder for thieves to get the devices in the back during a robbery.

In addition to hiding products, Apple has also been recently seen to put up planks of wood in order to block people from seeing what’s inside the stores, as well as add another form of security to its stores.

Photo provided by Hannah Lindstrom
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